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For sale: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth, 8/675, signed by all contributors

For sale: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth, 8/675, signed by all contributors

Jun 12

Hello all,

As I mentioned earlier, I have a "spare" copy of "Collector's Edition" of the catalog, Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth, for the exhibit of the same name currently at the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

For more on this major exhibit, see here

For more on the book, see here

This in no. 8 of 675, as indicated on the limitation sheet signed by Priscilla Tolkien; and further one of only about 8 copies of the "Collector's Edition" that are additionally signed by all 7 of its contributors: editor/author Catherine McIlwaine, and authors John Garth, Verlyn Flieger, myself (Carl Hostetter), Tom Shippey, Wayne Hammond, and Christina Scull. You can see us signing copies of the book for the Bodleian in the attached photo, as well as the small set of Collector's Editions included in the signing behind us.

In an effort to defray my costs of attending the exhibit opening and (thus) the signing, and with the permission of the forum's owner, I'd like to offer this "spare" copy for sale here to serious collectors.

If you are interested in this item, please PM me with a bid. I have a reserve price in mind; as well as an "instant sale" price which if met I will accept. Otherwise, I will keep track of bids, let those who are outbid know, and close this "auction" in about a week. (And if no one bids, or no one meets the reserve, I will list it elsewhere.)

Note: total cost will include the winning bid, plus postage and insurance. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Tolkien Collector's Guide forum to help its operation.

Thanks, to the forum and to Jeremy!


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Jun 13
Hey Marcel, nice to see you on here after a while. Looked like you had a great time with Jeremy and the others at the exhibition.

Carl, good luck with the sale and hope this extra special copy finds a worthy home.
Jun 14
Ooo. Wonderful book.
Wonderful idea!
Jun 24
SO, okay then, with not not even one bid made, I pretty much have to hereby remove this offer from this forum. My folly. Thanks anyways!
Jun 24

Aelfwine wrote:
SO, okay then, with not not even one bid made, I hereby remove this offer from this forum. My folly.

Sorry to hear there wasn't any interest -- probably just not enough traffic here (and maybe an opening bid might have helped, just so people knew what you were expecting?). It will make a very nice item for someone when you do find a buyer. Best of luck with the sale. I'd almost be tempted to hang onto it until the unsigned deluxe editions are sold out (which I suspect will happen, once the New York exhibition has run its course).
Jun 25
Really sorry to hear that Carl.
Jun 25
Postage from US to UK is pretty prohibitive; only reason I didn't bid. Ironic since it was signed in Oxford, but there you go.
Jun 25
So, I've had an offer after all, which has been accepted. It's going to a very good home!

Jun 25
Glad to hear it!
Jun 25
I'm primarily interested in the regular edition of this book and its content. Glad to hear you found a buyer.
Jun 25
I have one spare copy of the standard hardcover edition that is signed by all the contributors. Should I "list" that for bids here?
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