With two weeks left until the Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth exhibit opens in New York, this seems like a good time to share a summary of all the announced scheduled events associated with the exhibition, as well as a summary of what will (and won't) be on display.

Main Exhibition dates: January 25 through May 12, 2019

Associated Events:
Thursday, January 31, 6:30 PM. Tolkien and the Visual Image - Lecture and Discussion by Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull. Ticketed event.

Friday, February 1, 6 PM. Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth Gallery Talk by John T. McQuillen, Associate Curator of Printed Books & Bindings.

February 9, 2019 11 AM–1 PM. Living Landscapes: Map Your Own Fantasy World Part One “Ink Into Existence”
. Ticketed event, each ticket is valid for one child and up to two adults; Program consists of a thirty minute exhibition experience followed by a ninety minute art-making activity. Materials included.

Tuesday, February 12, 7:00 PM Inside Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth Presented by The Sheen Center and The Morgan Library & Museum. "Explore this landmark exhibition with John T. McQuillen, Ph.D., Associate Curator of Printed Books & Bindings and organizing curator of the exhibit for the Morgan Library, and Holly Ordway, Ph.D., Professor of English at Houston Baptist University and author of the forthcoming book Tolkien’s Modern Sources: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages. Moderated by Corey Olsen, Ph.D., the “Tolkien Professor” and President of Signum University." Ticketed event.

Saturday, March 16, 2:00 PM. Tolkien and Inspiration: A Multidisciplinary Symposium. In partnership with the NY Tolkien Conference & Fellowship. Ticketed event.
  • Keynote Presentation: The Great Wave: How Tolkien reinvented Atlantis. By John Garth, Tolkien scholar and author of Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth
  • "But the beauty of mithril did not tarnish": Tolkien, Material Culture, and the Made Object by Nicholas Birns,Adjunct Instructor at New York University
  • Homo-amory, Tolkien’s Beowulf and The Lord of the Rings by Chris Vaccaro, Senior Lecturer in English Language and Literature at The University of Vermont
  • "And Menelmacar with his shining belt": J.R.R. Tolkien the Amateur Astronomer by Kristine Larsen, Professor of Astronomy at the Central Connecticut State University
  • Teaching Tolkien in the 21st Century by Leslie Donovan, Leslie A. Donovan, Professor, Honors College, University of New Mexico

  • 2019-nyt21.jpg Sunday, March 17 The New York Tolkien Conference Presenters include: Megan B. Abrahamson, Nicholas Birns, David Bratman, Janet Brennan Croft, John DiBartolo and the Lonely Mountain Band, Leslie Donovan, David Emerson, Jason Fisher, Peter Grybauskas, Yvette Kisor, Kristine Larsen, Ryder Miller, Robin Anne Reid, Ph.D., Chris Tuthill, and Christopher Vaccaro. More info forthcoming next week.

    Thursday, April 4, 7–9 PM A Long-expected Party "Enjoy Hobbit-inspired drinks in Gilbert Court along with live music and after-hours access to the Morgan’s exhibitions and the Historic Library. Tickets include museum admission and complimentary wine and beer. Costumes encouraged. 21+." Ticketed Event.
    [NOTE] There is a giveaway being run by The Morgan Library and the New York Tolkien Conference for a free pair of tickets to this event. See this webpage for more info, the contest ends later today.

    Friday, April 12, 1 PM Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth Gallery Talk by John T. McQuillen, Associate Curator of Printed Books & Bindings.

    Saturday, April 13, 2019 11 AM - 1 PM Living Landscapes: Map Your Own Fantasy World part two "Watercolor Your World". "Surrealist artist Max Greis will guide participants using watercolor techniques and explore creating a fantasy landscape using trees and other flora and fauna to establish their own universe. If you have attended Part One of this miniseries, “Ink Into Existence,” you may bring your map back to use as inspiration to watercolor a landscape from your newly created world. Appropriate for ages 8-14." Ticketed event, each ticket is valid for one child and up to two adults; Program consists of a thirty minute exhibition experience followed by a ninety minute art-making activity. Materials included.

    Friday, April 26, 6–8 PM Fantasy Watercolor Landscapes "New York City based surrealist artist Max Greis will guide participants in using watercolor techniques and materials. Advance tickets are required, as space is limited."

    Exhibition materials

    The Morgan Library has a smaller exhibition space than what the Bodleian was able to use, so the exhibition will be smaller. The eponymous exhibition catalog Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth lists 181 exhibits. Of those, 20 were not shown for various reasons. However, a total of 192 items were at the Bodleian, since the catalog had to go to press much earlier than the final layout and selection of items was made. The catalog then goes on to list 105 items from the catalog that will be traveling to the Morgan Library, or somewhere around half of what was shown.

    As a high level summary, the Morgan decided to focus on The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings for the exhibit, though some personal photographs, a few Father Christmas letters, and other artwork made the cut.

    Here is a full list of the catalogue and additional items - those in bold will be at the Morgan library (according to the best information available to me at this time):

    1 OED Henry Bradley letter
    2 Arthur Ransome letter
    3 CS Lewis letter
    4 WH Auden letter
    5 Sam Gamgee letter
    6 Roseland Ramage letter
    7 Roseland Ramage poem
    8 Iris Murdoch
    9 Chuck and Joni Mitchell photo
    10 Chuck and Joni Mitchell lyrics
    11 Terence Pratchett letter
    12 Lynda Johnson Robb (White House) letter
    13 Margrethe letter
    14 Margrethe drawings
    15 Fan Mail (a-d)
    16 1892 photo (tolkien held by nurse)
    17 Letter from Mabel
    18 Gift card from Ronald to his father
    19 Hilary and Ronald photo
    20 Dear Daddy (a-b)
    21 AR Tolkien Obituary
    22 Mabel photo
    23 rural scene painting c1904
    24 postcard of Sarehole Mill

    25 home without mother (or wife) drawing
    26 Ronald and Hilary 1905 photo
    27 Tolkien Photo 1911

    28 Exeter College Smoker
    29 Sub Rector report card
    30 Edith photo 1906
    31 Account Book
    32 Tolkien and Friends photo 1914

    33 Letter to Edith 1913
    34 Letter to Edith Bratt
    35 2nd lieutenant photo 1916
    36 Letter from GB Smith
    37 Exeter College freshmen photo
    38 Book of Ishness boards
    39 undertenishness
    40 eeriness
    41 There and Here
    42 Water Wind and Sand
    43 (Fantasy Landscape)

    44 The Land of Pohja
    45 Owlamoo
    46 Gardens of Merking
    47 Tree of Amalion
    48 Lingwë súrissë
    49 Decorative alphabet
    50 newspaper doodle
    51 newspaper doodle

    52 newspaper doodle
    53 newspaper doodle
    54 newspaper doodle
    55 newspaper doodle
    56 newspaper doodle
    57 newspaper doodle
    58 newspaper doodle
    59 newspaper doodle
    60 newspaper doodle
    61 Parma Mittarion
    62 Numenorean Patterns
    63 Numenore and Aldarion
    64 ranalinque
    65 shores of faery
    66 East of the Sun West of the Moon
    67 Cottage of Lost Play cover
    68 I Vene Kemen
    69 Tale of Turin Turambar written vertically
    70 I Eldinyare title page

    71 reader's report "Beren and Luthien"
    72 halls of manwe
    73 1st silmarillion map
    74 Beleg finds Flinding in Taur-na-Fuin
    75 2nd silmarillion map
    76 Glorund sets forth to seek Turin
    77 tree of tongues
    78 Of Beren and Tinuviel'
    79 Idril's device
    80 Luthien (green)
    81 Luthien (black)
    82 Beren Gamlost', Finrod and Finarphin

    83 Photo of gravestone
    84 books from private library
    85 Tolkien in his study photo 1930s
    86 College of Cretaceous Perambulators 1938
    87 Wartime diary
    88 Fall of Arthur
    89 RW Chambers letter 1934
    90 The first letter from Father Christmas
    91 Drawing by Father Christmas
    92 Aurora Borealis
    93 To John Christmas letter
    94 To Michael Christmas letter
    95 Christmas 1932 Letter
    96 Christmas 1932 Drawing

    97 Cave Drawings
    98 "high life at gipsy green"
    99 Tolkien, Michael, John on the beach photo
    100 Roverandom 1st page manuscript
    101 “House where Rover began his adventures as a toy”
    102 prose translation of Beowulf
    103 Beowulf illustration 1928 - wudu wyrtum foest
    104 Sellic Spell opening page
    105 hringboga heorte gefysed' coiling beast
    106 Betty Bond letter 1941
    107 Edith, Michael, John photo
    108 Edith & Christopher photo
    109 John, Michael, Christopher photo
    110 Edith, Christopher, John photo
    111 Family tea party 1930 photo
    112 Sitting on the beach photo
    113 Family tea party 1928 photo
    114 Tolkien and 3yo Christopher 1928 photo
    115 Michael and Priscilla in Northmoor rd photo
    116 Photo of John, Priscilla, Michael, Christopher
    117 Michael and Christopher
    118 Tolkien and Edith at the front door 1936 photo
    119 Tolkien with his four children in the garden
    120 Family in the garden
    121 Michael (in uniform) and Tolkien
    122 "first grandchild" photo 1945
    123 John with the chickens in the garden
    124 Photo: holiday at Weston-super-mare 1940
    125 M.A. Gown
    126 desk/bureau
    127 chair
    128 The Line of Festal Light in Christ Church Hall" by WR Flint
    129 “The stripling Thames at Bab-lock-hithe" by William Russel Flint
    130 “it’s fir-topped Hurst, it’s farms, it’s quiet fields” by William Russel Flint
    131 And the Eye Travels Down to Oxford's Tower" by WR Flint
    132 Tolkien's D.Litt. Gown
    133 Photograph of Tolkien in Oxford (in gown)
    134 Thror's treasure map
    135 manuscript title page
    136 the hill and hobbiton-across-the Water
    137 the trolls
    138 Rivendell
    139 mountain path
    140 bilbo woke up with the early sun in his eyes
    141 bilbo comes to the hut of the raft elves
    142 plot notes
    143 conversation with smaug
    144 wilderland map
    145 draft dust jacket
    146 dust jacket

    147 letter to Charles Furth
    148 Magic Ring title page
    149 Title Page
    150 Ring verse
    151 Old Man willow

    152 Raynor review 1938
    153 Doors of Durin draft page
    154 Fire writing
    155 Moria Gate lower
    156 Moria Gate

    157 Mazarbul leaf
    158 Mazarbul leaf
    159 Mazarbul leaf
    160 Forest of Lothlorien
    161 Time Scheme
    162 Treebeard draft page
    163 Dunharrow
    164 Riddles of Rohirrim draft page
    165 Barad-Dur
    166 King's Letter draft page
    167 Fellowship dj design
    168 Two Towers dj design
    169 Return of the King dj design

    170 Map of NW Middle-earth
    171 Map of SW Middle-earth
    172 "Last" map 1969
    173 Map of Middle-earth by Pauline Baynes
    174 contour map crossroads
    175 Stonewain valley map
    176 1st map of Shire
    177 hobbit long measures
    178 Map of Rohan, Gondor, Mordor 1948
    179 "First" map circa 1937-1949

    180 Map of Rohan, Gondor, Mordor 1946
    181 Map of Rohan, Gondor, Mordor 1944
    There and Back Again by Pauline Baynes
    pencil cup (sitting man holding a stein)
    Pencil tin
    glasses and case
    books: Irish English dictionary (84), Lyra Celtica, Vols 1-2 of the Red Book of Hergest
    Reeves' Poster Outfit Colour Set (paints)
    Air Raid Precautions (book)
    Wartime Identity Card
    The Mabinogion (book)
    wood working tools
    pencil stubs
    Walkden sealing set
    5 pipes
    "Player's Gold Leaf Navy Cut" tobacco tin
    Earandel and Gil-galad heraldic devices
    Unfinished designs (heralidic devices)
    Lost Tales A book cover
    Lost Tales B book cover
    Tuor and the exiles of Gondolin - two pages, Edith's fair copy
    Interactive Audio Station x2
    3D terrain map table
    Wallet with 2 Edith photos
    Lancaster Fusiliers Badge
    Field Telephones for Army Use book
    two rulers
    King Edward School cap
    many fan letters not cataloged
    Interactive Map station (touchscreen)
    Interactive quiz station (touchscreen, outside the exhibit)

    In addition, the Morgan Library will be showing three additional items that were not at the Bodleian exhibition:
    1) Tolkien's manuscript letter to Geoffrey Selby, 14 Dec. 1937, Morgan Library & Museum (MA 4373). This is illustrated in the catalogue, p. 312.
    2) Tolkien's typed letter to Naomi Mitchison, 25 April 1954, private collection.
    3) 2 copies of the first English edition of The Hobbit, one with the dust jacket (private collection) and the Morgan copy with the dust jacket removed to show Tolkien's designs for the boards (PML 84830).