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5 Feb, 2013
2013-2-5 5:56:16 PM UTC
So, he messed around with a photo on his computer and he wants money for it? here's what he has to say -

"I was at an art fair and a Nice Guy from Mew York Came by and commissioned "something Lord Of The Rings" so this is what I came up with and then made some prints to share the love. Ive read all the books, and have always been a fan, so Im very glad this piece was commissioned."
7 Feb, 2013
2013-2-7 8:49:03 PM UTC
Way over the top price, I seem to remember that these were less than £50 when first issued. ... ks_UK&hash=item4d0965599f

7 Feb, 2013 (edited)
2013-2-7 9:12:52 PM UTC


£550 for "THE HOBBIT 1956-1959-1961-1961-1966" with no dust-jackets the spines have suffered quite a lot. They are starting to look more like US Hobbits ... ks_UK&hash=item337faf87c1

10_511418c8c3cdf.jpg 643X486 px
8 Feb, 2013
2013-2-8 12:10:33 PM UTC
Do we believe in the authenticity of the signature? I don't think so, and therefore it is a very expensive drawing. ... tings&hash=item35c442fe0d

8 Feb, 2013
2013-2-8 9:07:08 PM UTC
Bit of a bidding war going on on this one, very, very sad Dust-jacket for this age Hobbit ... ks_UK&hash=item5652a62553

10_511568f6d24ba.jpg 533X1647 px
10 Feb, 2013
2013-2-10 2:32:14 PM UTC
Madness, £100,000 starting price, but you can snap it up for £150K.

"J R R Tolkien lived at 76 Sandfield Road, Headington, Oxford during the years 1953-1968. We all know about the 'Lord Of The Rings' and the recent huge film success, but he also had 'The Two Towers' and 'The Return Of The King' published (1954) (sic) whilst living there. As part of the C S Lewis Tour that I once operated, I would visit the former home with visitors for photographs. On one such occasion I was offered the Fireplace surround that had been removed from Tolkiens Master Bedroom as pictured and now offered for sale. This grey fleck/burgundy coloured tiled fireplace surround is a once only opportunity for lovers of JRR Tolkien to own a part of our history that is so radically different, unique and an investment that can never be repeated! More detailed information can be seen at ... a/tolkienmemorabilia.html

I have the original letter of authenticity from the owners of the property, who removed the surround whilst carrying out refurbishments. The document will naturally go to the new owner of the fireplace surround with the sale.

This Fireplace surround was previously offered for sale on Ebay at $250,000 which today equates to approximately £158, 207.00

Starting Price £100,000.00 Buy it Now £150,000.00 applies for the fireplace surround."

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Seller: 70062122@deleted
Ended Feb 19, 2013
This item ended more than 90 days ago

10 Feb, 2013
2013-2-10 4:09:35 PM UTC
It was originally put on for a 1000 then seller changed to 1000000 _ maybe he forgot the zeros first time around
11 Feb, 2013
2013-2-11 2:58:23 AM UTC
Why all the bidding? ... 253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc

You can just order a copy from the website for $10:

11 Feb, 2013
2013-2-11 9:32:49 AM UTC
My thoughts exactly. Also, from previous experience, Firsts is woeful, from a bibliographical perspective. This will have nothing in it you don't already know. (Plus, it only claims to contain: An Annotated Checklist of the Posthumous American First Editions. One would assume it touches upon some UK editions, what with it having a picture of a UK edition on its cover. But you never know.)

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