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15 Feb, 2013
2013-2-15 7:13:30 PM UTC

15 Feb, 2013
2013-2-15 7:35:35 PM UTC
Wow, even has pages removed at front and back, with tape holding it together. I wouldn't buy it at a library sale for spare change...
20 Feb, 2013
2013-2-20 11:02:17 AM UTC
The special thing about this edition must be the sunned spine and the fingerprints on the slipcase. ... Books&hash=item338010eaa8

20 Feb, 2013
2013-2-20 6:28:34 PM UTC

Special edition, indeed!
20 Feb, 2013
2013-2-20 7:49:55 PM UTC
For a "special" price. Sheesh--talk about marked up.
25 Feb, 2013
2013-2-25 2:34:07 PM UTC
As I understand it you can buy these from for £11.99 plus shipping, you could get 3 copies for the price of this ebay auction. ... _trksid=p3984.m1426.l2649

25 Feb, 2013
2013-2-25 3:01:39 PM UTC

Jlong wrote:
Really? ... tible&hash=item3f2221f4ab

"I purchased this 2000 Millennium edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings from a bookstore specializing in rare books. However, as you can see, this is NOT a complete set! There should be seven books in a set, which spell out Tolkien's name. But here, I only have 5 of the 7---O, K, I, E, and N. "

I love the fact that he did not notice when buying, that books 1 and 3 were missing, and the slipcase

Surely you would notice that Book 1 (the start of the book) is missing
26 Feb, 2013
2013-2-26 5:01:59 PM UTC ... ?bi=9672035574&cm_la=want

£5000 without original slipcase ...... nuts ......
26 Feb, 2013
2013-2-26 7:29:09 PM UTC
I noticed this too. Price is crazy, crazy stuff.

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