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24 Mar, 2013
2013-3-24 6:14:19 PM UTC
Indeed. Some buyers might not even have paid within three days (never mind any kind of resolution being required) --& this would be perfectly normal/commonplace you'd think. So it's hard to think of why it's been turned around this quickly.

24 Mar, 2013
2013-3-24 6:29:21 PM UTC
I also emailed this seller and pointed out that the first winning non-payer (as he told me) had also been the winning bidder second time around and also the winning bidder on other non book items he had recently sold. He told me to make an offer and that he would not let the book go for a pittance. Let the buyer beware!
24 Mar, 2013
2013-3-24 7:16:59 PM UTC
Have you reported him Roccondil
I know this course of actions sometimes seems pointless but better than nothing i say
24 Mar, 2013
2013-3-24 7:30:14 PM UTC
Yes, but I do not expect anything to happen.
26 Mar, 2013
2013-3-26 5:35:25 PM UTC
29 Mar, 2013
2013-3-29 8:06:38 AM UTC
It's a little like The Lord of the Rings meets Yellow Submarine.... ... &ga_facet=handmadetolkien
30 Mar, 2013
2013-3-30 4:12:28 PM UTC
Blimey I hate to see an an utterly appalling copy ! ... em53f6f75dce#ht_244wt_912

31 Mar, 2013
2013-3-31 2:45:50 AM UTC

Red wrote:
It's a little like The Lord of the Rings meets Yellow Submarine.... ... &ga_facet=handmadetolkien

I think I see a Blue Meanie at the bottom of the page!
1 Apr, 2013
2013-4-1 10:16:14 AM UTC
here - Look at the picture - read the title - then read the description. ... ks_UK&hash=item589e2e6d74

What a useless waste of time!

1 Apr, 2013
2013-4-1 11:21:41 AM UTC
Poorest Hobbit I've seen for a long time

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Seller: oldbestseller
Ended Apr 8, 2013
This item ended more than 90 days ago

"This book is used and in good condition"

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