Hello All,

I was just wondering what people think about the Deluxe signed version of S&G being slated as 500 copies, as per CoH? I had hoped that HC would have learned some lessons from the signed CoH and gone with a more sensible 250 copies.

I must admit, other than to maybe order a single copy up front to get a low number, I can't see myself ordering two upfront as with CoH (and then a further one at 30% discount later on), knowing that as a non-ME book it is possibly even more likely to be a difficult-to-shift volume (and therefore be discounted).

Sounds like it's going to be GBP250 rather than GBP350, but that's still a tidy sum in the current environment. I'm not sure that so many people will be prepared to commit early for multiple copies, so this could be a bit of a sales dud...