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Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun
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Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun

May 2, 2008
From Belgium
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Stu wrote:
I don't think you are the only one this has happened to, but as a tip - broadcasting your good fortune on the internet is a bad idea (relative to sitting quietly smug which is a good idea)! If you were sent something of greater value by accident, legal title doesn't automatically become yours (at least not in most jurisdictions)! I doubt the value of the difference between what you ordered and what you got is worth HC chasing you for a return about, but please don't go posting the number up here. :)


Well, that's why I have waited a while to tell this because it happened some while ago. But I think I had a bit of a (too) light-hearted moment yesterday when I posted this
So I won't post the number up here (thanks Stu for putting my feet back on the ground ).
All I can say is that it isn't a very early and a very late number
'Love not too well the work of thy hands and the devices of thy heart; and remember that the true hope of the Noldor lieth in the West, and cometh from the Sea'

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