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1979 Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set

1979 Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set

Nov 25, 2009

My granddad found this chess set in an abandoned house a while back and I was curious about its worth. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the internet. The kings are a good 5" tall, all pieces still have red felt on the bottom, and there is no board. Anybody know what it might go for?

531_4b0d90ef22085.jpg 816X612 px

531_4b0d9113ab293.jpg 816X612 px

531_4b0d912986fed.jpg 816X612 px

531_4b0d91485178e.jpg 816X612 px

531_4b0d919a3525b.jpg 612X816 px

531_4b0d91b18d53c.jpg 612X816 px

531_4b0d91c29268c.jpg 816X612 px

531_4b0d925e597f0.jpg 816X612 px
Nov 25, 2009
You and your grandad know that taking things from abandoned houses iis illegal, don't you?
Nov 26, 2009
Well it was in 80-something and I think his job was to clean out the house to be demolished or something. He wasn't just going snooping in random houses. That really is beside the point anyway
Jun 4, 2011
Hi I'm new to this but found this item on 4th June 2011, and wondered if anyone ever did value it? I have a chess set too and want to sell but have no idea of value.
Jun 4, 2011
There is a Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set on eBay at the moment (starting bid £75), if you watch the auction you may get an idea of current value.

eBay Item #160598277603

Jun 4, 2011
Hi , thanks for that I will be watching!
Jun 24, 2011
Just curious if you still have this chess set?
Dec 31, 2012
^__^ Hi, I have the exact same set as you, and was wondering if you ever found out the value? Mine's been in my family for so long we don't even know how it came to be!!! Not that I want to part with it quite yet unless there's a proper offer one set A LOT like this one also made in 1979 is going for 2,000+ USD!!!eBay so I am hoping that this one is worth the same if not more!!! Here is a pic of mine!!!
Tolkein 1979 Chess Set
^ Click To Enlarge!!!^
A piece is not shown in the picture but it is not lost!!! I believe it's a castle! ^__^

Love is the slowest form of suicide......

Sep 9, 2013
I have the 1979 Tolkien Enterprise Chess set as well with all of the pieces and its board but mine has legs on the chess board.

I found a few pictures out there with chess boards like this without the legs but never with so I thought I'd share the knowledge.

(Not for sale) :p

1972_522d577a83419.jpg 900X738 px
Sep 9, 2013
That's a nice looking chess table! Out of curiosity (because I have never seen one of these before) - is there any indication on the board itself that it belongs with the set? The carved motif does not have any Tolkien specifics to it that I can see in the photo.
Apr 3, 2017
I have this chess set with the board.

I have not posted this set for sale but am wondering if anyone has any idea on the value. It has been stored and is in very good condition, minor wear.

4638_58e2aa57cc60c.jpeg 400X300 px
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