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Feb 12, 2010 - in Signatures and Autographs
May 27, 2006
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David sent me this to add to the current conversation:

I had no idea that someone was trying to sell it at an auction. Not that it will do much good at this point, but I will print 'facsimile' on the back. I just didn't think anyone would try to pass them off as real, and I should have known better in this day and age. I assumed that being printed on an inkjet would be about the easiest thing to spot, and just thought most people would enjoy a little sample of his writing. Just for the forums info, the original note was only initialed, and I photoshopped in his full signature from another note that came with it. Both now reside at the project earth site in Hawaii, and were tipped into a set of a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I will attach a photo, if you like you might post on the forum just for everyone's info. My apologies to all.

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- Jeremy

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