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Signed C. S. Lewis Book, Fake?
By Jlong

Signed C. S. Lewis Book, Fake?

Mar 28, 2010

I realize this isn't Tolkien, but it is so bad I had to post it. At first, the listing looks somewhat legit, but look at the two pictures of the signature.

Notice anything... ... 650314&fromMakeTrack=true

Just goes to show that even with a supposed provenance, a signature could still be fake.

I'm beginning to have less and less faith in eBay.

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Mar 29, 2010
That is one of the most funny things I have seen this month.
Mar 29, 2010
The seller had only previously seen two signed C. S. Lewis books in last 15 years! --& now two come along at once, both in the same auction! *chuckle* Got to practise somewhere...

Mar 29, 2010
The irony for me is the seller went to all of the work of making it look real with the supposed letter of provenance from Arthur C. Clarke and then you mess up on the one thing that matters most--the actual book.
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