Could I ask everyone to examine their 1977 dummy Silmarillion(s)? I'm looking for confirmation of a few points. Many of these probably go hand-in-hand, so the combinations likely are probably small.

Presumably Clowes. Anyone got a Billing copy?

Probably cloth. Any paper covered boards?

Probably unpriced. Anyone have a priced dj?

Printed Pages
Up to pg. 32, or pg. 35. Anyone have anything else?

Publisher's Imprint
May state London/George Allen & Unwin Ltd/Ruskin House Museum Street. May state London/George Allen & Unwin/Boston Sydney. Or perhaps something else.

Is the full ISBN present, or just (the publisher's prefix) 0 04

Chapters (Contents pg.)
How many are stated: 23 or 24 chapters?

[Beren, I realise you have an entirely blank dummy. None of the above really applies should you be reading this.]

Any information appreciated.