Some web sites ( and Tolkien Library) include The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation in the JRRT bibliographies. lists the work under "Other Credits", saying that "Tolkien helped with 'Introduction Part II - Greek Poetry in Translation'.", and gives 1944 as the publication year.

Tolkien Library gives 1938 as the publication year. also has 1938 as the publication year, saying it was the 2nd edition.

The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation is not included in the section "Published Writings by JRRT" in the JRRT Companion and Guide (I'm eagerly awaiting the promised new edition of the JRRT: A Descriptive Bibliography!). Can anyone point me to a published source which includes a description of this book in relation Tolkien's alleged contribution?

Was there an edition of this book published before 1938 (the 1st edition?), and did Tolkien not contribute to this edition?

Thank you!