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J.R.R Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS [1990's] One Volume edition [Valuation]
By Hypeix

J.R.R Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS [1990's] One Volume edition [Valuation]

Jun 8, 2011 (edited)

Hello guys, I've recently been able to lay my hands onto a one volume edition with index and ipendices published by Harpcollins. I was hoping if someone would be able to put some type of value onto this book. If at all possible.

It is hard back, blue cover and I will upload some photos ASAP. As I am having a lot of trouble finding it through the internet even using the ISBN, I am still having a lot of different versions thrown at me varying in price.

829_4deff78f552de.jpg 640X480 px

829_4deff798ec941.jpg 640X480 px
Jun 9, 2011
The book is either this edition

or this edition

As for a value, your copy appears to be lacking the dust-jacket, so I'd say £20-£30 with dust-jacket, less than £10 without.
Jun 10, 2011
I’d concur. Without a dustjacket collectors aren’t going to be very interested. Think you’d be lucky to get £10. Even if it had the dj & was a 1st impression etc --it’s still not going to fetch much more than £20-30, as Trotter says.

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