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bBooks and a variety of items [for sale]

bBooks and a variety of items [for sale]

Jun 18, 2011 - in Collector's Marketplace (edited)
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this is the first time i have visited this site. i have a variety of items in which i want to sell but have not the time to do it on e-bay. so i was wondering if anyone can suggest a particular web-site or auction in which to sell the items . i have a hardback first edition of smith of wootton manor. an adition of farmer giles of ham. artwork posters by a range of artists. aswell as a variety of books, Hobbits companion and Tolkeins world. so im afraid i am having to ask you as i have triedweb sites and seem to go in circles. thankyou for your time and look forward to a reply.

By laurel

Re: books and a variety of items

Jun 19, 2011 - in Collector's Marketplace
Oct 30, 2009
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Hello Little
Welcome to the site.
There are a number of ways to sell your items but from your description and without any further info, I would suggest ebay is indeed your best option. You will reach millions of people and cheaply including of course Tolkien collectors.
I guess it would take you time on any site to list etc and once you get into flow it shouldnt take too long to place on ebay or what about placing them on as a job lot? There seems to be more of this recently especially and with respect for more common editions.
Hope helps , good luck with sale

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