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16 Jan, 2013
2013-1-16 10:24:56 PM UTC
That seems rather high. If I'm going to spend that kind of money (which I don't have), I think I'd rather have an item signed by J. R. R. Tolkien or go for a nice 1st, 1st set of The Lord of the Rings (or one or two of the three books).
16 Jan, 2013
2013-1-16 10:28:26 PM UTC

laurel wrote:

A good price indeed! Anyone here go for it?

Yes I did, but this was to much for me.
20 Jan, 2013
2013-1-20 2:45:42 PM UTC
This looks to be a very good example of a very scarce box-set (US copies and not the even rarer UK copies) ... Books&hash=item3f2150a349

20 Jan, 2013
2013-1-20 10:11:53 PM UTC
I bought this set (the UK editions) last August on eBay for £75. I thought this was a not bad price!
(But, yeh, it isn't very common.)

23 Jan, 2013
2013-1-23 6:27:49 PM UTC
A good price and free postage - ... ction&hash=item5652066714

- wellinghall

24 Jan, 2013
2013-1-24 11:05:53 PM UTC
Not sure if this belongs in "Wonders," but I've never seen this edition before. ... tible&hash=item337f738018

24 Jan, 2013
2013-1-24 11:19:26 PM UTC
Interesting edition indeed; altho' the price belongs in "Wonders..."!

27 Jan, 2013
2013-1-27 8:47:00 PM UTC
I've never heard about it either -- thanks for noting, JLong.

The publication appears to border on a "private printing", although I can see on the eBay pictures that it has an ISSN number. I wonder if the Trinity Forum got permission from Houghton Mifflin to separately reprint 'Leaf by Niggle'?
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