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Book Publisher's Adverts and Catalogues

13 Jul, 2013 (edited)
2013-7-13 10:39:58 AM UTC



George Allen & Unwin

Unwin/Unwin Hyman


Folio Society


Houghton Mifflin

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13 Jul, 2013 (edited)
2013-7-13 6:27:00 PM UTC

Trotter wrote:

Please post any advertising images from Tolkien's publishers that you have in this thread.


Description:1980 UK 25th Anniversary Lord of the Rings Paperback boxset
Publisher: Unwin Paperbacks
Price: £4.50

I have a short stack of original copies of this 2012 Houghton Mifflin Tolkien catalog available to ship to interested collectors (just pay shipping costs to wherever you are). It is a nice card-stock twelve page listing of everything they released that year (you can peruse the entire thing via the link below). I will add a scan of the cover in a bit. ... es/brochure/brochure.html
14 Jul, 2013
2013-7-14 4:43:32 AM UTC
1989/1990 Unwin Hyman Catalogue

228_51e22b3448aab.jpg 800X722 px

228_51e22b4a664f8.jpg 800X805 px

228_51e22b59eb5a0.jpg 800X739 px

228_51e22b69205b6.jpg 800X774 px

228_51e22b7aee7d0.jpg 800X748 px

228_51e22b8b0ff2b.jpg 800X791 px

228_51e22b9a59512.jpg 800X771 px

228_51e22ba9d3fb6.jpg 800X800 px

228_51e22bbb86a8d.jpg 800X765 px

228_51e22bc9acaa8.jpg 800X768 px

228_51e22bec2a729.jpg 800X761 px

228_51e22bf9814a9.jpg 800X785 px

228_51e22c088e5f5.jpg 800X776 px

228_51e22c18a089b.jpg 800X795 px

228_51e22c2687cbc.jpg 800X788 px

228_51e22c346f8aa.jpg 800X791 px

228_51e22c4280ce7.jpg 800X797 px

228_51e22c51b529d.jpg 800X816 px

228_51e22c601cf7c.jpg 800X770 px

228_51e22c6d99e5e.jpg 800X743 px
14 Jul, 2013 (edited)
2013-7-14 9:12:42 AM UTC
GA&U Beautiful Tolkien Gift Sets

I'd love my copies to look this this, they don't

Tolkien is very blue on the LOTR set that I have.

10_51e26b86b54cc.jpg 633X800 px
15 Jul, 2013
2013-7-15 1:57:11 AM UTC
Supplement to The Bookseller 23rd October 1982

"Tolkien books make great gifts"

1_51e356a1e69b1.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356ac57f21.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356b4d61e0.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356bd19513.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356dc09853.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356e482373.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356ec32e55.jpg 600X800 px

1_51e356f37c982.jpg 600X800 px
15 Jul, 2013
2013-7-15 1:59:47 AM UTC
Tolkien Times - Autumn 1998 catalog

1_51e35758ac54d.jpg 835X600 px

1_51e3576ad6a34.jpg 835X600 px

1_51e3577c7df0c.jpg 835X600 px

1_51e35790b7bea.jpg 835X600 px
15 Jul, 2013
2013-7-15 2:00:58 AM UTC
Card Set bookseller advertisement

1_51e357cee5416.jpg 600X843 px

1_51e357d6d9d6b.jpg 600X843 px
15 Jul, 2013
2013-7-15 2:02:41 AM UTC
Waldenbooks (bookseller here in the USA back in the seventies and eighties) ad for Silmarillion release.

Not quite a publisher advert but similar enough I thought I would include it when I ran across it.

1_51e3582a909c8.jpg 600X815 px
15 Jul, 2013
2013-7-15 2:05:22 AM UTC
Unfinished Tales mini catalog (pre-release) from Houghton Mifflin to booksellers. Weird folding pattern that didn't scan well, might include a photo soon that shows what order the panels go when you open it up.

1_51e358cb8e75f.jpg 600X731 px

1_51e358d26f4c8.jpg 600X731 px

1_51e358d898eda.jpg 600X740 px

1_51e358e0142d2.jpg 600X740 px
23 May, 2015
2015-5-23 9:18:06 AM UTC
Anybody have any idea when this was issued, I would guess 1964.

It is included with a set of 1950's UK Lord of the Rings.

eBay Item #321754387776

10_556045cb7d3ce.jpg 876X229 px
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