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23 May, 2015
2015-5-23 9:33:09 AM UTC
Couldn't enlarge the photo to read (but have one of these somewhere).

From memory (may be wrong) it is promotional leaflet/booklet issued with the 2nd Edition of the Lord of the Rings in 1966
23 May, 2015
2015-5-23 9:50:51 AM UTC
Could you scan it and post it here?

23 May, 2015
2015-5-23 10:02:40 AM UTC
I'll root it out when I get home later today and see what I can do.
23 May, 2015
2015-5-23 4:10:06 PM UTC
I've got one of these. Not at home to check, but my booklist says 1966.
23 May, 2015 (edited)
2015-5-23 5:50:44 PM UTC
Here are the photos.

The leaflet mentions the 3 volumes of the Lord of the Rings at 25s each - so this must be the 1966 Second Edition.


Also I had a GA&U promo letter filed with this leaflet (I think I purchased the leaflet and letter together). The Letter mentions the publication of Smith & Wootton Major in November - so this dates the letter to 1967. Whether the leaflet and letter were issued together:- Not sure on that one.


Anyway, 1966/67 seems to be the timeframe.
24 May, 2015
2015-5-24 5:34:59 AM UTC
2 May, 2023
2023-5-2 6:11:12 PM UTC
A fun thread to reinvigorate, with my latest acquisitions. Anyone else found more adverts in the last decade (!)?

2 May, 2023
2023-5-2 8:03:33 PM UTC
I have a large poster which goes with this promotion, it is not a very exciting poster though.

4419_64516c7b9661b.jpeg 450X583 px
3 May, 2023
2023-5-3 4:40:10 AM UTC

AndyBirdUK wrote:

I have a large poster which goes with this promotion, it is not a very exciting poster though.

That must have taken them about 5 minutes to knock up, Tolkien was selling so well that they could just really put his name on the poster
3 May, 2023
2023-5-3 8:00:48 AM UTC
I found this just the other day in a second edition, second impression Two towers from -67.

5168_645214a243b06.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5168_645214a24967f.jpeg 4032X3024 px
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