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18 Feb, 2014
2014-2-18 11:57:39 PM UTC
Looks very good, better than my best Puffin I'd say (I'll post a picture soon). Thanks for your comments Morgan, here's some photos of my main wall.

The main wall of the room mainly contains copies of The Lord of the Rings, Histories of Middle-earth and books on Tolkien. The first three photos give an overview, followed by a more detailed look at LOTR UK first editions and HoME.

707_5303f2ed4eac5.jpg 1000X750 px

707_5303f2f8b7416.jpg 1000X750 px

707_5303f3022d64f.jpg 1000X750 px

707_5303f341e7f29.jpg 1000X750 px
19 Feb, 2014
2014-2-19 2:04:31 AM UTC
Two copies of the HoME-matching unfinished tales is just greedy! :) Very impressive collection.
19 Feb, 2014
2014-2-19 3:16:32 AM UTC
Super Roccondil
Very impressed - welcome to the mad club
Have you got every LOTR first printings? Well almost- cant see Baynes deluxe set
(Bet you reply with your picture showing 6 now!)
19 Feb, 2014
2014-2-19 7:21:39 PM UTC
No Baynes deluxe I'm afraid. Still some LOTR firsts to go (I have a list somewhere...). I'll post a photo of some of my favourites (including my best Puffin Hobbit!!) Thanks for the nice comments - its always nice to know I'm not the only mad one!
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 5:57:33 PM UTC
One of our Tolkien shelves -

- wellinghall

42_5307938dc3100.jpg 852X356 px
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 5:58:43 PM UTC
Roccondil, I agree with Stu - two HoMe-matching copies of Unfinished Tales is greedy!

- wellinghall
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 6:43:36 PM UTC
Hi Wellinghall,

Nice Shelf!!

Quick question: What is that book "Philological Miscellany"?

Is there any Tolkien Related Content?

Many Thanks.
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 7:02:08 PM UTC
Hi Remy

Thanks! There's no Tolkien content as such in the philological miscellany, but these photos may show you the Tolkien connection.

- wellinghall

42_5307a27d9c5f3.jpg 653X865 px

42_5307a29ff2399.jpg 678X874 px
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 7:03:30 PM UTC
And this came with it

- wellinghall

42_5307a2fb55dc2.jpg 837X628 px
21 Feb, 2014
2014-2-21 10:25:35 PM UTC
Many thanks Wellinghall!
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