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1 Nov, 2016 (edited)
2016-11-1 11:58:35 PM UTC

Khamûl wrote:
I don't agree. At the very least it adds value to the value of the slipcase itself. They're not worth nothing. Take a book worth, say, £80-90 (not your example, a "common" book; that's a straw man argument, as you're always going to struggle to add value to ten-a-penny books); add a slipcase & it's going to sell for £100. 'Tis fact! Stu, it happens on eBay, so it must be true...


The reason I chose the "common book" example, is this is how I have seen these slipcases used on eBay. Thirty dollars worth of books tied together with slipcase and up for absurd asking prices.

I'll agree that they are not worth nothing, but they aren't worth the retail price second-hand, unless you happen to find a buyer that really wants that exact after-market slipcase. Rebinds and embellishment (facsimile jackets, slipcases, random photocopies of Tolkien's will) are almost always not worth the purchase cost in terms of resale value.

And yes, I've seen a $10 silmarillion up for sale in a DM slipcase.

Now, what they are worth to the individual who choses to purchase them is a different matter. I don't personally see the point (they don't protect the spine from UV and that is the only bit of a book on the shelf that is going to come to harm). But for people who like them, they seem nicely made.
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