Thanks to everyone's input, now I know that Asprey is currently not in the business of making fine bookbinding.

It has always been my dream to own the 1st Edition, 1st Impression Hobbit, but the one in vg to fine dustjacket is far too costly for me atm and I can not muster the courage to endure my wife's wrath for many years to come if I were to buy one.

On the other hand, I see that a rebound Hobbit is somewhat more affordable and as such, I have been spending some time, looking for the best copy to add to my meager, but a growing collection.

I am trying to pick amongst these binderies;

1) Baynton (Baynton Riviere)
2) Temple Bindery
3) Chelsea Bindery (Subsidiary of Peter Harrington)

I would like a rebound book that will continue to hold its market value (I know that I shouldn't expect any price appreciation since the popularity of Tolkien's work is somewhat dwindling).

I am inclined to buy a copy from Chelsea Bindery, but I am conflicted. A longtime collector with some communal recognition amongst Tolkienists seems to believe that Chelsea trumps Temple nowadays when it comes to aesthetics and the quality of the work done. However, upon perusing established auction houses including Sotheby's 뭉 Christie's, I haven't seen a sale of any books bound by Chelsea Bindery (but has listed plenty of works by Baynton). Does this mean that for established hardcore collectors (renowned collectors) who frequent major auction houses/esteemed rare book stores, Baynton's binding is the only accepted works, worthy of being added to their collection?

Is Chelsea Bindery the Walmart equivalent of Kay Jewelry as to Baynton Reviere the equivalent of Van Cleef & Arpels?