First I would like to apologize if this is not the best place for this post. If that is the case, please, move it or, if necessary, delete it. I do not seek any trouble.

Having said that, the reason for this post if to ask you for help. In my mother tongue, Galician, a minority language talked in the northwest of Spain, there is a translation of TLOTR and The Hobbit, but the editions are kind of old, from 2002 so hard to find, and were published under low standards: as part of a child literature collection, as pocketbooks, pretty bad quality paper etc. The typical cheap child book.

Here you can have a look at the cover, just out of curiosity.

I think Tolkien deserves a much better quality edition and, as many other authors have been translated and published in Galician under much better standards, I have started a petition to show Galician publishers the is a real interest in a new edition.

That is what the petition says in my mother tongue.

Thus, I kindly ask you if you could support my petition.

This is the link. ... ien-en-galego-de-calidade

Thanks a lot if sorry if this is not the place for it.