It's been more than 20 years since I have read the Silmarillion and the LOTR and as such, I have recently acquired cheap paperbacks issued by HarperCollins so I can read these books, but this time, as a more “learned man.”

As my wife cringes upon me staying up too late at night with lights on, I am thinking about purchasing the Silmarillion and LOTR from Apples's iBook store so I can read them with my iPhone next to my wife when she is asleep.

Since I am from the US, iTunes grants me access to only the US store with books published by Houghton Mifflins. Are the books published by HM same as those published by HC? Or are there drastic revisions made in HM including changes to words, that will make my reading experience undesirable?

I apologize if the question was answered in the previous threads. For the life out of me, I could not find it!