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12 Apr, 2018
2018-4-12 9:17:04 PM UTC
One additional note - I've confirmed that Edicións Xerais (the original Galician paperback publisher) will continue to print the paperback edition (the 2000 translation). This new translation will only be released in the limited hardcover run of 300 copies.
12 Apr, 2018
2018-4-12 10:51:25 PM UTC
Xerais doesn't want to lose the rights of the works, but they have agreed to let Shushi Books publish a deluxe edition.

Good for them, but the Xerais edition is pure garbage. I actually posted some time ago about it.

Do you remember this? :) ... t_id=18232#forumpost18232
13 Apr, 2018
2018-4-13 12:01:07 AM UTC
Definitely! I thought it important to make it clear to people that the Xerais edition is going back into print, but is not the same translation as the new edition. That makes the new edition even more special.
13 Apr, 2018
2018-4-13 9:23:06 AM UTC
Thanks again mboswi

The publisher has replied and they are happy to ship to Ireland.

Just had to pay direct via paypal (they emailed costs).

Looking forward to receiving the books!
13 Apr, 2018
2018-4-13 6:16:48 PM UTC
Glad you were also able to order, remy!
17 Apr, 2018
2018-4-17 9:59:17 AM UTC
Tell me what you think when you get them!
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