The TCG website giveaways were on furlough for a few months there for a couple of reasons - one, the Children of Hurin release party sponsorship where TCG gave away a couple of signed Hildebrant prints, and two, I wasn't around for a while there.

Hopefully I will be around much more often now, to keep the site up to date and moving forward in the guide database entries.

One thing I never mentioned before, I realized - Dior, who won the first giveaway, graciously donated his winnings into the next giveaway. So, the possible prizes for the month of June include all of the prior ones. I will add a few more I think as I have time this upcoming week.

A. 2005 16 month "The Tolkien Art of the Brothers Hildebrant" calendar, still brand new and sealed in shrinkwrap.

B. Orcrist #3 (Tolkien Journal Vol. 4. no. 1, whole number 11) - Cover art "The Hornberg in Helm's Deep" by Tim Kirk.

C. Four vintage 1960's buttons - "Frodo Lives" (green and red), "Tolkien is Hobbit Forming", "Come to Middle-earth". (Yes, they are a bit stained - they're old!)

Everyone who posts to the TCG website (discussion forums, guide entries, classifieds, events, news, comments, links) will be entered in the drawing. One entry per person per month. Since some of the methods allow anonymous postings, I will only include those in the drawing if I can identify who made the post. Malicious posts (I have a couple of comment spammers I am fighting off right now) don't count.

Expect a security measure on some postings soon.

Good to be back!