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11 Jan, 2007
2007-1-11 10:29:11 PM UTC
Looking forward to it! Anybody else wants to join the party??
11 Apr, 2007
2007-4-11 5:59:11 PM UTC
Very nice new profile! One of the great things about those profiles is that people can always learn something new from each other... Now again: I didn't now that Tolkien was also translated into Farsi, or Silesian! I guess that The Silmarillion isn't published in those languages, otherwise my "wanted"-list is a bit bigger now (I collect The Silmarillion in foreign languages)...
And I'm almost sure that Marathi is a hoax.

By the way, his living room looks like that of Henk Brassien...
11 Apr, 2007
2007-4-11 10:26:15 PM UTC
haha... it does indeed! I was very much surprised... i get this email from someone I never heard of before to ask he can sent in his collector profile. I say yes of course and within one hour I had the text and images in my mailbox. Wonderful! And then i read his profile and was even more impressed. Wonder if there are any other dragons out there lying on their treasure and not wanting to share anything with the outside world.

By the way, we are all waiting for your profile Thinfang! And if you can please push Jan Boom... by the way I got René... he is preparing his profile!!
21 Apr, 2007
2007-4-21 2:52:22 AM UTC
It would be beyond wonderful if Herr Boom (Fangorn) would create a profile for your site! He is the reason that I am where I am today. The old TCG forums was probably the first site I found when I began my quest several years. As I recall, I googled "Tolkien calendars" and up came a posting from him talking about the issues from the Tolkien societies, the Khandlendar, etc etc. I remember thinking "I'm in trouble. How will I ever find all of these?" I took a chance (knowing him as I now do, it was not a chance!) and wrote to him. He was very gracious and shared his knowledge with me. He is the reason that I do the same for collectors new to this. I'll see what I can do!

Away from The Green Hill Country,

4 Jun, 2007
2007-6-4 11:08:21 AM UTC
Not really a collector profile, but there's a new interview with Beren out there, in which our hero talks about his personal collection and other ephemera.
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