So first off I just wanted to say hello to everyone! I just recently (maybe a month ago) started collecting Tolkien books so I started with the relatively cheap Silmarillion to begin my collection and so far I have 3 versions of it (1st edition/Printing of the Export, 1st edition/1st printing of the American edition, and the 1st edition/ 1st printing assumed domestic edition).

Now for my question(s):

In the export edition i know to look for the Clowes and Sons printer, along with the missing full stop after Feanor and the italicized "and" in Ulmo's description (page 330 and 352 respectively). I have used "" for most of my research and am in the process of buying The Descriptive Bibliography by Hammond in order to better understand what to look for, but have been unable to find an exact answer to the following question. Are there any "errors" that i should look for in the domestic 1st edition to be able to tell if it is a 1st printing or not? It has the price marking on the dj as 4.95 pound, as well as being printed in 1977 by Billing with no other mention of later printings. However, i checked out of curiousity to see if the errors that were in the Export were also present in the Domestic and they were not, in my copy anyway. I understand they were printed by two different printers so i'm not sure what i expected but i am just curious. Thanks for any and all help!

I will also attach pictures as soon as i get home, in case that helps at all.