After having made a post on reddit I got some good advice and ordered the “70th anniversary edition” or “5th edition (reset)” by HarperCollins (ISBN: 978-0-261-10328-3). The content is exactly what I wanted but unfortunately the binding was glued despite it being a hardcover.
After having made a second post there I was guided to this forum.

So what I’m basically looking for is that “5th edition” but then with a sewn binding. This means the following:
1. Is a sewn hardcover (with good quality paper)
2. Has Tolkiens illustrations and maps (maps in black+red with white background preferably)
3. Is the final and unabridged text
4. Is of decent size (so no pocket editions)
5. Is around 20 euros
6. (Optional) has the original drawing on the jacket (and the original green cover).

I have also been advised to look for a 4th edition from Allen&Unwin however my biggest problem is probably that I live in the Netherlands where most of the copies are Dutch translations and it’s harder to come by second hand old English versions. And importing it from the UK is simply too expensive for my taste.

I hope in that light some of you can help me out with this. The Hobbit will be my first Tolkien book and I’m really excited to get into it, but as you can tell I do want something that will last me a lifetime and won't cost too much.
NOTE: I’m NOT looking for a facsimile first edition since I’m planning to also read the Lord of the Rings after this and would prefer if the story is coherent with The Hobbit.