On Sunday evening I had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure of being a guest at the private opening ceremony for the “Tolkien, Voyage en Terre du Milieu” exhibition at the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

I will save my full review of the exhibition for a future post after digesting everything and visiting a few more times, but I can immediately say - this exhibition is breathtaking in scope, with innovative layout and contextual exhibits mixed in, and overwhelming in design and sheer quantity and quality of materials selected. It is very different from the Bodleian and Morgan exhibitions “Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth”. There is likely never again going to be an opportunity to see the Aubusson tapestries hanging side by side with the original artwork (and often draft sketches) for example.

Spending a few hours absorbing the exhibition and talking to curators, scholars and members of the Tolkien family about it will remain a treasured memory for me. You will definitely form your own treasured memories from your visit as well. This is not an exhibition to be missed.