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19 Oct, 2022
2022-10-19 1:58:26 AM UTC
Received the Chronology today!
19 Oct, 2022
2022-10-19 5:10:22 AM UTC
My waterstones' arrived across the globe today :)

5478_634f868e6eb29.jpg 4000X3000 px
19 Oct, 2022
2022-10-19 6:55:12 AM UTC
I would get this set if they ended up making a box-set of them, you can't go wrong with Tolkien's designs for books.
20 Oct, 2022 (edited)
2022-10-20 5:28:37 PM UTC
A few new additions to my shelves.

First up, with thanks to Bergelmir for the help, I acquired Atlas de la Terre du Milieu - the new French edition of Fonstad's Atlas of Middle-earth - and the Second Age poster promotional map to go with it (NOTE - the map poster does not come with the book, you have to get it through French bookstores participating in the promotion). I am very impressed! This book is massive, making the details on the newly redrawn maps and illustrations much easier to see and enjoy.


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Atlas de la Terre du Milieu

BRAGELONNE (2022-08-17)

$80.34 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
£30.05 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
€50.00 (Gebundene Ausgabe) - Availability: Now
€39.20 AbeBooks - Availability: Click to check

In this second picture, I am showing the 1st edition harcover, the new French edition, and the 2nd edition trade paperback - for size comparison.


Also recently arrived:
  • A Guide to Middle-earth 2003 Desk Calendar - each day is an entry from Robert Foster's book. Still mint/sealed.
  • The Lord of the Rings Tarot illustrated by Tomás Hijo
  • The Silmarillion illustrated by Ted Nasmith, Houghton Mifflin (2004), 1st print, F/F - came up cheap on eBay so I couldn't resist
  • Tolkien Studies 19 Supplement
  • Beyond Bree 1991 Calendar - edited by Aelfwine! ?
  • Hobbitten - 2022 Danish hardcover edition, with Tove Jansson's illustrations (EDIT link I bought from, will ship internationally: ... 2-hobbitten-indbundet-bog )
  • The Secret of the Haunted Forest by Jenny Dolfen - with a nice sketch (not a Tolkien story but I love her art)
  • Jef Murray's Middle-earth Calendars - 2013 and 2014 (the latter signed)
  • Hither Shore 10 - Tolkien Adaptations issue

20 Oct, 2022
2022-10-20 7:41:13 PM UTC
Urulókë is so good at spending my money when he shows me books, I didn't know about
21 Oct, 2022
2022-10-21 11:17:47 AM UTC

Urulókë wrote:

First up, with thanks to Bergelmir for the help, I acquired Atlas de la Terre du Milieu - the new French edition of Fonstad's Atlas of Middle-earth - and the Second Age poster promotional map to go with it.

It was a great pleasure to help you in this quest and i'm glad you like the book
21 Oct, 2022
2022-10-21 6:58:01 PM UTC
Copies of the English-language hardcover Atlas — all three eds. — have all vanished from the secondary market unless you’re willing to pay $200+. I hope if nothing else Easton Press comes through with another run. But the 1st used to be pretty easy to find. Sad.
22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 3:41:04 PM UTC
One recent acquisition is a book called Middle-earth seen by the barbarians which is a print-on-demand but nevertheless quite beautiful, chock-full of maps. Much of this material was once on the web many years ago now on Lalaith’s Middle-earth Science Pages, but it has been collected and expanded and updated over the years (including info from NoMe), which is what you want, and anyway most pleasurable to read in book form. The topic is the Mannish populations of Middle-earth, mainly in the 2nd-3rd Ages — a topic which has been uncomfortably obscure to me. Well, author Andreas Möhn chases down most applicable quotes scattered across the Legendarium and weaves them into about as comprehensive and coherent a series of essay as possible. His approach and conclusions involve a degree of creativity, so I take it with a grain of salt, but it’s a great way to immerse oneself in this area of Tolkien lore which, as it of course turns out, Tolkien put more thought into than you might otherwise realize.

This site uses affiliate links for which we may be compensated

Middle-earth Seen by the Barbarians

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2016-03-07)

$33.63 Blackwell's (Unknown) - Availability: Unknown
$58.29 Biblio (paperback) - Availability: Click to check
$26.61 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
£21.05 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
€23.80 (Taschenbuch) - Availability: Now
£46.26 AbeBooks - Availability: Click to check
$47.95 eBay US - Availability: Click to check

4557_63540e8c10932.jpg 4032X3024 px
22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 3:57:10 PM UTC
Another recent acquisition is a bit of a grail of mine—as a big fan of Pauline Baynes and having grown up with measly mass market paperbacks of The Tolkien Reader and Smith of Wootton Major & Farmer Giles of Ham. I was rather resigned to admiring it from afar and never actually owning it. Well I snagged it quite luckily for $60—the sort of steal we all live for. It’s the shamefully obscure treasure, Poems & Stories Deluxe.

4557_635412c3bcfd9.jpg 1344X1008 px

4557_635412c3bd278.jpg 1344X1008 px

4557_635412c3bd508.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3bd737.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3bdbaf.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3bde8a.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3be07f.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3be214.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3be49b.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3be68f.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3be8a0.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3beb86.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3c0542.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3c0766.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3c09c3.jpg 1008X1344 px

4557_635412c3c0c32.jpg 1008X1344 px
22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 4:30:06 PM UTC
Congratulations Ulmo ! Very nice
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