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21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 8:47:46 AM UTC
Here is my haul for the last 6 months

- LOTR US 1s
- LOTR US 2nd
- Hobbit Caitlin signed 1st print
- History of the Hobbit 1st print
- Hobbit facsimile 2016 1/1st
- Roverandom 1/1st
- Lettres from Fath Christmas UK 1/1st
- De Hobbit 1960 (1st dutch)

- last 2022 French publications (Contes et légendes inachevés ; Du Conte de Fées ; La Carte du Beleriand)
- last 2022 French publications (Seigneur des Anneaux ; La Grande Encyclopédie du Hobbit)
- Smith de Grand Wootton 1986
- Seigneur des Anneaux 1990

Well, I know some here have all the impressions of every 1st or 2nd edition of LOTR/Hobbit but, for me, this LOTR 1st US set is my very first so emotions were running high.
I had been looking for an edition in very good condition for a long time but, not having the financial means to pay a 4-figure amount for a set, it was complicated. I finally ended up finding a set of later prints (each book is a last print of the 1st) and I'm absolutely delighted with them.
Next step, find the equivalent in 1st UK

4998_63f484963d01c.jpg 2736X1824 px

4998_63f484963dfc3.jpg 2736X1824 px

4998_63f484963e94f.jpg 1598X2400 px

4998_63f484963f153.jpg 1662X2497 px

4998_63f484963fd41.jpg 1546X2319 px

4998_63f4849640530.jpg 2736X1824 px

4998_63f4849641007.jpg 2488X1654 px

4998_63f48496418a6.jpg 2527X1686 px

4998_63f4849642140.jpg 2736X1824 px

4998_63f4849642c25.jpg 1368X912 px

4998_63f4849642fff.jpg 2615X1744 px
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 8:56:33 AM UTC
Wow what a lovely haul! Those HMCO 1st editions do look lovely together

Good luck with the hunt for the UK ones!
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 9:36:44 AM UTC
What print is that 2nd set? Not book club I see. Looks really nice.
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 9:49:36 AM UTC
And another question from me:

The "La grande encyclopédie du Hobbit" - Have not seen this before - would you recommend it?
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 4:02:45 PM UTC
Thanks, Matt !

Dagoth, not a Book-of-the-Month Club, indeed. I'm not sure anymore but I think it's an 8/8/8.
I didn't really care, to be honest: for my first copy, I was looking above all for excellent condition, much more than a 1st print. Also, I got it at a much lower price than I expected by negotiating a batch with the 1st US set
In short, I think I really made a great deal because I find particularly difficult to get American editions from France.

Remy, yes i do ! This is a reissue of L'Encyclopédie du Hobbit, released in 2013, one of the few encyclopedias/guides available in French. It is a reference because it was written by a group of enthusiasts, in particular from Tolkiendil (the French Tolkien Society), like Druss who is present on this forum.
I had planned to make a video about it, but I'm quite late on that
That said, I can take pictures of the contents if some people here are interested.
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 4:05:50 PM UTC
Excellent work Bergelmir you've been busy. Look at your copyright pages on those 2nd Ed. HMCO LOTR it'll tell you the print numbers. Also if they're 8th the price on the front flap should be $7.50.
21 Feb, 2023
2023-2-21 6:13:22 PM UTC
Thank you, Mr. Underhill.
I misspoke about the print of the 2nd US set. I couldn't answer because I wasn't sure of the print anymore (after all, a 5th, 7th or 9th, it doesn't matter, does it ? ) and I wasn't at home to double check it.
23 Feb, 2023
2023-2-23 11:57:23 PM UTC
Newest addition to the collection under The Hill. 1990 Unwin paperback LOTR. First appearance of the Tolkien monogram on a pb LOTR and first appearance of Ted Nasmith cover art. Thanks to Trotter for the assist ?

5058_63f7fcdb205ca.jpeg 4028X2262 px
24 Feb, 2023
2023-2-24 6:42:06 AM UTC
I would love to replace my RotK with a copy with an unfaded spine, but I don't think I have ever seen one.

Does anyone have a copy like this, please post a picture if you do?
24 Feb, 2023
2023-2-24 7:38:00 AM UTC
Oh I love this set. Very nice find. I only have one volume, TT.
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