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28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 7:48:03 PM UTC

Roäc wrote:

Well “saga” can mean fairytale but also saga as in the Icelandic sagas (more epic story). So my translation would be
The saga of the Ring
The saga of the two towers
The saga of the return of the king

Confusingly both “The Felloship of the Ring” and the complete “The Lord of the Rings” are referred to as Sagan om ringen.

Interesting, thanks for that!
28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 9:26:36 PM UTC
I thought this would be a fun rebinding practice project (small, so less materials "wasted"). The crayon on the last two blank pages will come off easy enough.

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28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 10:19:03 PM UTC
That's awesome Stu! I'll be interested to see how it turns out.
29 May, 2021
2021-5-29 4:59:03 AM UTC
Roäc, Very interesting! I have a first edition signed by Tolkien for E.J.M. (I have not found any information).

2174_60b1ca01a7fb5.jpg 3747X1700 px

2174_60b1ca01a8955.jpg 4032X2268 px

2174_60b1ca01a9236.jpg 3657X1825 px
29 May, 2021
2021-5-29 8:02:47 AM UTC
Wow! Congratulations! That would be a dream set!
29 May, 2021
2021-5-29 3:17:35 PM UTC

Tolkieniano wrote:

Roäc, Very interesting! I have a first edition signed by Tolkien for E.J.M. (I have not found any information).

WOW ! Did you get these a long time ago? I cannot even imagine how much would it cost to purchase something similar nowadays. Congratulations on this treasure!
30 May, 2021
2021-5-30 4:00:01 AM UTC
Thank you! I bought the set in 2016 at an attractive price. I'd call that a stroke of luck.
2 Jun, 2021
2021-6-2 8:25:58 AM UTC
Do you have a scan of the dustjacket of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, 2nd ed. 1967 revised by N. Davis? I have the hardback, but w/o the DJ.

Thank you!
8 Jun, 2021
2021-6-8 10:30:49 PM UTC
A beautiful single-volume Galician Lord of the Rings edition. It's such an interesting language to me, so similar to Portuguese and Spanish. And the text is in double column, which I had not seen before in a LotR book. The golden letters are a bit faded, even though I bought it new .

And of course, the stunning Das Silmarillion: Luxusausgabe.

5161_60bfef0d4d03c.jpg 2804X3864 px

5161_60bfef1e0f9f3.jpg 2865X3766 px

5161_60bfef2c8a378.jpg 4032X3024 px
9 Jun, 2021
2021-6-9 1:01:19 AM UTC
I can't really articulate why, or indeed quite figure out why, but I really like that double column printing. I don't read Galician but obviously know the text very well and found it very appealing.
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