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23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 7:09:31 PM UTC
But F&H was published 7 years later...

Are you just kidding to show off your acquisition?
23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 8:20:30 PM UTC
That Gawain was a great find. That lot was worth it for that, tbh.
23 Sep, 2021 (edited)
2021-9-23 8:25:45 PM UTC
1968 PiR courtesy of Trotter. It now has a spine. I don't really believe in book restoration, but it is now non-floppy and works like a book again. I opted to leave the original edge where the original (and long lost) spine tore off rough, rather than tidy it - this way it is essentially reversible (albeit with a Stanley knife...) The new spine was 130GSM injet paper with a lightweight cardstock stiffener. The new spine is bonded to the inside of the original torn edges. I used a microcrystalline wax on the printed spine to give it a finish similar to the existing boards.

If I ever stumble upon a cheap and undamaged 1968, I'll replace this one and pass it on. That's the nature of these books where tidy examples are hard to find.

228_614ce1b7967d0.jpg 2016X1512 px

228_614ce1d07ed72.jpg 2016X1512 px
23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 8:36:21 PM UTC
That is a huge improvement

It used to look like this
Sad Pleasure in Reading
23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 8:40:10 PM UTC

Trotter wrote:

That is a huge improvement

New life to an old dog!
23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 8:54:22 PM UTC
I bought this in a Charity Shop for £5 a couple of weeks ago. It is listed on the back of The Hobbit as another book in the series.

I would love to find a Hobbit that is in the same condition as this, the only defect is the spine has faded a bit, but not fallen off

10_614ce974b77e8.jpg 1620X1080 px
28 Sep, 2021 (edited)
2021-9-28 6:42:58 PM UTC
I managed to get almost all of the main publications of E.V. Gordon where he's mentioning (or his wife for the Seafarer) Tolkien for his contributions.
I got all of them for very very decent prices, some for just a few

- An Introduction to Old Norse, OUP, First Edition published in 1927
- The Battle of Maldon, Methuen's Old English Library, First Edition published in 1937
- The Seafarer, Methuen's Old English Library, First Edition published in 1960 (this one is an Ex-lib but with just a stamp on the copyright page).

I believed these 3 are really scarce, especially the 1st edition of The Battle of Maldon, am i Wrong?

They're fitting perfectly well alongside my 1st Edition of Pearl I got a few weeks ago.

4888_61535fb3bb71f.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_61535ff34d5ff.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_6153607f5c4f2.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_6153609327050.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_615360e1dba7b.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_6153612169886.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_61536176d9ddb.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_6153618dc0582.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_615361dc3b796.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_61536212dce77.jpg 4128X2322 px

4888_615362215ad5d.jpg 4128X2322 px
28 Sep, 2021
2021-9-28 7:22:12 PM UTC
Great find on that Maldon Emilien

One of the ones I'm still looking for.
28 Sep, 2021 (edited)
2021-9-28 7:42:15 PM UTC

Mr. Underhill wrote:

Great find on that Maldon Emilien

One of the ones I'm still looking for.

Thank you Mr. Underhill !

I got Battle of Maldon for... 2,5€ in an old second hand bookshop in Paris !! as long as the others. Seafarer for 4€, and Old Norse for 40€.
28 Sep, 2021
2021-9-28 9:00:06 PM UTC
Great finds Emilien!
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