Good day all,

Wanted to ask some members here for their opinion. I understand many like have a full/complete collection, though shelf is beginning to run low!

My question is in regards to content that has appeared in Tree and Leaf and The Monsters and the Critics which has been replicated elsewhere.

I don't have Tree and Leaf, though I have Tales From the Perilous Realm. I know that not all of Tree of Leaf is not in Perilous Realm, though is it still worth getting??

Same situation with The Monsters and the Critics: I don't own it, though I have the Flieger + Anderson On Fairy-Stories, and have Fimi's A Secret Vice on pre-order - in paperback. Would Monsters would still be worth getting, for the same reasons? (content only found in Tree and Leaf and Monsters)

Thanks for your insight, and I hope my questions made sense! I don't need to have everything, though I don't want to be missing anything major.