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6 Mar, 2021
2021-3-6 4:10:47 PM UTC

huan68 wrote:

There are a few more pages in this volume aren’t there?

I'll go up-thread and find what Merlin Unwin Books posted and quote here in a moment, but (a) it has been reset and that changed the page count a bit, and (b) the original Rayner book review for The Hobbit is reproduced, so yes there are a few more pages.

[Edit to add quotes] ... t_id=30006#forumpost30006

Merlin Unwin Books wrote:

This edition is a reissue (second printing of the first edition) but we have added a reproduction of Rayner Unwin's handwritten reader's report (written when we was 10 years old) recommending that The Hobbit should be published. ... t_id=30012#forumpost30012

Merlin Unwin Books wrote:

we have re-set the book to improve the layout and we've added Rayner's handwritten reader's report - so yes, it's so pages longer!

garm - I don't recall there being any mention of an index, no. At least with an electronic format forthcoming, searching will be a lot easier!
6 Mar, 2021
2021-3-6 4:14:30 PM UTC
I quoted that there are some more pages, as I compared the Contents page shown on the website with the original book's content page. Looks like two extra pages.

The publishers stated that a facsimile of Rayner's Hobbit review is included so that accounts for at least one page and differences in type setting probably account for the other.
6 Mar, 2021
2021-3-6 6:34:59 PM UTC
Thanks, Urulókë
10 Mar, 2021 (edited)
2021-3-10 2:56:39 PM UTC
My copy just arrived (it probably helps that I live very close to Merlin Books themselves)! Just to confirm Trotter's guess, the facimile of Rayner's original Hobbit review appears on the final page, taking up less than half of a page of space. It's not particuarly clear, though the text is legible and it's nice to have it included. There is indeed no index present, but I'm delighted to finally have the opportunity to read this (I never managed to get hold of the original 1999 printing).

10_6048fad9dcc53.jpg 900X1200 px
11 Mar, 2021
2021-3-11 12:36:55 AM UTC
Looks like the jacket condition is perfect, which I guess is a definite advantage of purchasing direct.
11 Mar, 2021
2021-3-11 1:22:12 AM UTC
I don't know why (well, I do - trying to learn Photoshop), but this picture was begging for me to try and make it...

I give you: Remembranception.

1_604970c199d7f.jpg 900X1200 px
11 Mar, 2021
2021-3-11 2:27:26 AM UTC
Infinite loop.

I take it that the spine does have text on it, and that it just isn't visible in the image?
11 Mar, 2021
2021-3-11 10:39:08 AM UTC
Here’s the back and spine.

4965_6049f3149029e.jpeg 1416X2342 px
11 Mar, 2021
2021-3-11 3:57:40 PM UTC
Still waiting for my copy. Wonder how green will fare compared to the fugitive yellow?
12 Mar, 2021
2021-3-12 5:10:23 PM UTC
This picture from Twitter of the Special Edition Slipcase.

10_604ba07974003.jpg 1200X951 px
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