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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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16 Sep, 2021
2021-9-16 4:41:09 PM UTC
19 Sep, 2021
2021-9-19 3:04:52 PM UTC
Prancing Pony Podcast #221

We start our sixth season in style by welcoming Carl F. Hostetter to the podcast! In addition to his role as chief editor of Vinyar Tengwar, Carl has authored articles on Tolkien’s languages for decades. We catch up with him about his lifetime of scholarship and his highly anticipated new edition of unpublished manuscripts by Tolkien himself: The Nature of Middle-earth. Learn how the new volume came to publication as well as a sneak peek of what’s inside, from Elvish biology, to the metaphysical nature of Arda, to — yes, you read correctly — dancing bears. ... ew-with-carl-f-hostetter/
20 Sep, 2021
2021-9-20 1:19:38 AM UTC
23 Sep, 2021
2021-9-23 5:17:16 AM UTC
Signum University The Nature of Middle-earth

28 Sep, 2021 (edited)
2021-9-28 6:30:33 AM UTC

Tonight get your questions ready as the editor of JRR Tolkien's new book joins us LIVE for a chat.

We will dive in deep into the lore updates and what its like to continue the legacy of John & Christopher Tolkien in 2021. #TORNTuesday 8pm ET.

6 Oct, 2021
2021-10-6 12:41:28 AM UTC
11 Oct, 2021
2021-10-11 6:13:17 PM UTC
11 Oct, 2021
2021-10-11 6:35:17 PM UTC
James got one of those voices.... ppl should hire him to present their collections ?
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