As Amazon has just released the first three episodes of The Wheel of Time, I thought it would be educational to see what sort of merchandising they have for the property, as it will likely provide some clues as to what their "Lord of the Rings on Prime" (working title) show will have next year. ... collsguid-20&linkCode=osi


As expected, there is a show-branded cover for the first volume in the series already - I expect the rest of the books will get show covers as well, as the series progresses.

In addition to the new book cover, they are offering a variety of clothing/apparel, plus posters and a soundtrack.

Amazon Wheel of Time marketing categories

The T-shirts with basic "wheel" logo start at $23, and prices rapidly go up from there. Clothing and posters are available now (and super easy for Amazon to source) - the soundtrack is not released until January 7th, and I expect there will be lots of other tie-in merchandise by that time as well.