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13 Sep, 2022
2022-9-13 6:03:19 AM UTC
Thanks Ibid :)
20 Oct, 2022 (edited)
2022-10-20 4:02:27 PM UTC
I received my copy of the supplement yesterday - unfortunately the packaging was lost in transit and the book damaged, and it arrived in the dreaded US Postal Service "we apologize that our machinery ate your mail" plastic bag and no original packing materials.

For others receiving this - was it mailed separately, or should I have also gotten the full TS 19 volume along with it? I thought they were holding on to the supplement and mailing it together with the full issue in order to save on postage, but it looks like John D. Rateliff also just got the supplement. Just wondering if mine got eaten, or is still not yet shipped.

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20 Oct, 2022
2022-10-20 5:26:53 PM UTC
I also got just the Supplement, and it also came in just a clear plastic bag—in appearance similar to yours, but not USPS-branded. The book was luckily in pretty good shape.
20 Oct, 2022
2022-10-20 5:38:48 PM UTC
Same, got mine - supplement only, miraculously in ok shape in the same poor packaging.
20 Oct, 2022
2022-10-20 8:06:13 PM UTC
Urulókë, I understood the other way: the supplement is shipped first, and the volume will be as soon as printed.
22 Oct, 2022 (edited)
2022-10-22 1:16:21 AM UTC
Spotted on Rateliff’s blog:

Vol. XIX has not been published yet. West Virginia University Press has labeled the Chronology as a supplement because it's coming out the same year. Subscriptions are annual, so if you bought the Supplement you will receive the regular issue as part of your purchase.

That's assuming it does come out this year. Working on the supplement has put us way behind.

- David Bratman, co-editor, Tolkien Studies

22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 2:21:27 PM UTC

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22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 2:33:22 PM UTC
22 Oct, 2022
2022-10-22 2:48:36 PM UTC

Trotter wrote:

More info ... n-studies-supplement.html

Thanks Trotter.

I don't like this explanation. Essentially, if they get it done this year then buyers get the regular volume but if its not out this year they won't? Volume 19 can be purchased for 2022 still with volume 20 available for preorder for 2023.

I feel they need to be clear about this. The Chronology is a supplement to the main volume, as was advertised. If volume 19 falls into next then they are going to be getting into a mess and could end up working in arrears unless they are willing to put out two full volumes next year for the price of a single volume.

Part of volume 19 is being delivered with the second part to follow. That is how most buyers will see it. TS changing the goalposts will create a bad feeling among some readers.
17 Nov, 2022
2022-11-17 12:11:41 PM UTC
Received the Supplement finally. It was sent international economy (no problem with that). But like others - there was no packing at all - thin clear plastic wrapper. Completely shocking!

A complete miracle that it crossed the atlantic without any damage whatsoever. Can't believe there is no damage at all. Pic is exactly how I received it with an address label adhered to the rear.

Anyone know when the actual Vol 19 will ship (presumably included in the purchase price as originally advertised).

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