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BBC Antiques Roadshow 19th December 2021

9 Dec, 2021 (edited)
2021-12-9 6:04:45 AM UTC

For those in the UK

Christmas Special

Fiona Bruce presents a special Christmas episode of Antiques Roadshow featuring unseen treasures from some of the most beautiful venues of recent years, festive treats from roadshow experts and updates on memorable items discovered on the show.

The Vyne in Hampshire, a Tudor mansion steeped in history, provides a suitably festive backdrop for the show. Childhood memories are rekindled with a look at much-loved vintage toys, while rare books and prints provide a glimpse of past white Christmases when the River Thames froze over. The team also find out what happened when the owner of a cherished letter from JRR Tolkien got the chance to rediscover his own correspondence with the famous fantasy author on a trip to Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

I wonder if they are referring to this item that was on the programme in April and hopefully Catherine McIlwaine will be on the episode. ... t_id=31791#forumpost31791
20 Dec, 2021
2021-12-20 8:07:28 AM UTC
Very interesting episode last night.

It is also nice to be able to post some images that are not copyright the Tolkien Estate.

The section started with the Ring of Senicianus and was pleased that the BBC resisted the temptation to state that it was the inspiration for the One Ring.

They went to the Archives at the Bodleian, and Catherine McIllwaine was able to show Charles the letter that he written to Tolkien, with Tolkien's handwritten translation and also a letter that Charles father had included.

This letter is interesting as he states that he was introduced to Tolkien through reading Essays presented to Charles Williams.

Charles did not know that his father had sent this letter so was a surprise that it was at the Bodleian.

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