Hi all
I have the majority of the Middle-Earth works and was going to buy the three volume edition of the HoME in the new year. However, I am a collector at heart (always have been!) and really love the new style dustwrappers of the various issues and reissues. I read on another thread that there is some discussion about the re-issue of the HoME in smaller chunks or even individual volumes to match the current dustwrappers so we can all coo and just stand there looking at them (obviously reading them, naturally!) - am I the only one who does this? I truly enjoy the pleasure of ownership. I for one, would commit to buying such a new set if Harper Collins were to ask.
I am a new member and could not locate the threads on this by searching so could someone please provide me with a link / best method for searching and /or any info they have on this matter? Is there any truth in this apparent rumour?
Thanks for any help / guidance.
Best wishes