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29 May
2024-5-29 5:29:01 PM UTC
I see the show runners don’t know what color Tom’s boots were.
29 May
2024-5-29 5:53:26 PM UTC
They look a dirty yellow in the full length photo in the garden
30 May
2024-5-30 1:50:17 AM UTC
I noted it too, Mr. Underhill, but I do suspect that people might like a change over the course of 3000 years or so!

Other people told me they thought it counted as yellow. I can imagine that 'natural yellow' leather is more like these gloves, rather than in the Roger Garland Tom Bombadil cover.

Even worse than weathered leather boots would be something akin to bright yellow wellies!
30 May
2024-5-30 2:03:27 AM UTC
Fashion choices aside, Tom is going to be a very difficult character to adapt in this medium. I would’ve preferred they worked harder at fixing some of the character portrayals they failed at in season one. They obviously have chosen a different approach. We’ll see…
3 June
2024-6-3 4:39:02 PM UTC

The new face of Adar: The Rings of Power star teases the orc leader's role in season 2 (exclusive) ... dar-orcs-season-2-8656972
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