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31 Mar, 2014
2014-3-31 5:31:44 PM UTC
Prices for near mint calendars were around 275-350 dollars.
Later ones are described as fine and near fine so probably one of the reasons why the price dropped. The second reason is oversaturation of the market because a lot of them hit the market simultaneously.
31 Mar, 2014
2014-3-31 5:36:07 PM UTC
Anyway Laurin, you gat a terrific price for it .
Congrats :)


1 Apr, 2014
2014-4-1 11:31:35 AM UTC
In the end, a "good" price is one that the buyer and seller are both happy with. Yes, we're all thrilled when we get what we perceive as a bargain. But most transactions are "I'm happy if you are."
29 Dec, 2015
2015-12-29 11:45:37 PM UTC
Updated The Compleat Gyde to Tolkien Calendars with the new 2016 issues that are coming out. Entries are not all complete as I don't yet have physical possession of all of them. If anyone knows of any new (or old!) issues not found therein, please contact me. Thanks all and Happy New Year!
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