I was only a child when this book came into my hands,I adored it that much out of all my childhood things I kept it with me.I waited all 46 years to finally see the movie come out on the big screen, my children growing up marveled at the Lord of the rings and I only took my youngest 22 year old with me the other day to watch The Hobbit,to hear the beginning of the movie zoomed me back to the beginning of my beloved book,to see the map,I came home exited to look at mine.I have encouraged all my children to share J. R. R. Tolkien,s stories he has a way of captivating your imagination.This book so dear to me now needs a new home for another person to treasure like I did raising my children,but I have no idea at it's worth,so I have come to ask you the experts!
It is a 1966 paperback,The Hobbit, printed by Unwin Books,the spine has gently lifted at the edge only a little,the past owner to me wrote Tolkien under his name on the cover and their name inside the front page other than that all pages are there and free from marks other than a slight yellowing on the page edges, and a slight crease to the cover.It has a fire breathing dragon (Smaug) drawing on the cover.Can you all help me value this book?