TCG Discussion Forums Decorum

TCG Discussion Forums Decorum

May 27, 2006
From California, USA
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Mr. Faith,

welcome back to the TCG forums!

I will publicly (here and now) ask everyone to remain on topic, which is discussing Tolkien Collecting. Opinions are expected, and disagreements will happen.

In particular, Mr. Faith, you are pushing the boundaries of what is "on topic". Please do not call me or other members "little people" with "little minds" if you expect to be treated as an adult and allowed to post here.

If you stay on topic - defend your listings against claimed inaccuracies, point out where you think "the facts" are wrong and you are right; please do! Claiming that "many so called facts in the Tolkien book world aren't" and therefore you can state anything you like, and your off-topic posts will be deleted.

In summary - stay on topic, stay in the discussion and welcome.

PS. all are welcome to "post links to other Tolkien information sites" any time, as always.
- Jeremy

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