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Tolkien and The New York Times
Posted by Urulöké on Oct 17, 2006 (756 views)

A refreshing glimpse into the past, The New York Times has an online website called The Tolkien Archives. Here you will find the complete texts from articles long past, such as

The March 13, 1938 review of The Hobbit (along with what looks like the NYT Book Review for every other primary Tolkien work) and 1967 interview with Tolkien himself. A quote from him on children... "Children aren't a class. They are merely human beings at different stages of maturity. All of them have a human intelligence which even at its lowest is a pretty wonderful thing, and the entire world in front of them."

This is a wonderful resource, with no indication of when each piece will become available or will be taken off the site. Enjoy it while you can!

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