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Beyond Bree 2019 Calendar editions compared

Nov 17 - By Urulöké

Beyond Bree 2019 Calendar.jpg
[Cover - Rivendell Under the Stars by Gordon Palmer]

This year marks 10 years' editing work for the Beyond Bree calendars by Daniel Smith. Each of the past ten calendars has been beautiful and of high quality, and I am quite happy to have all of his editions in my collection. Thanks Daniel and Nancy!

In celebration of the tenth calendar, and his retirement, Daniel and Nancy decided to produce a limited collector's edition of the 2019 calendar. It has replaced the July and August art pieces with new ones that were made especially for this calendar edition, and will not be reprinted by Beyond Bree ever again.

Both editions have art by Anke Eißmann, Joe Gilronan, Sylvia Hunnewell, Tim Kirk, Octo Kwan, Ruth Lacon, Nancy Martsch, Jef Murray, Ted Nasmith, Gordon Palmer, David Wenzel, Colin Williams, Kay Wollard, Maciej Wygnański, George Dunn, Jakob Ryngen, Cecile van Zon, and Patrick Wynne.

For July: In the Standard edition, Gordon Palmer's Out of the Frying Pan is featured. In the Collector's edition, The Eagles appears instead (a daytime rendering of the same scene as the Standard edition).

For August: In the Standard edition, Anke Eißmann's Éowyn is featured. In the Collector's edition, her Ioreth of Gondor appears instead.

The Collector's edition is signed by both Daniel Smith and Nancy Martsch, and is limited to only 20 copies.

For more information about either edition, you can ask here or contact Nancy Martsch,
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Fellowship: Question #9 - Oddest thing you've got

Nov 16 - By Urulöké

An easy question, but hopefully entertaining to everyone:

What is the oddest thing you have in your collection (that you are willing to admit)?

I'm not referring to things that are just unique like proofs or publisher dummies, I'm specifically looking for those things that others (and maybe even you!) would never have thought to collect. For example, there was a book dealer in Oxford who sold one of Tolkien's gowns from his time as a professor (see his book with an essay about it: Rick Gekoski: Tolkien's Gown on Amazon).
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Fellowship: Question #8 - buyer's remorse

Nov 14 - By Urulöké

My original question planned for this was a little different from one that Jlong suggested, but I think they go well together, so: answer one or both!

(a) What's something that you paid for, received, was exactly what you expected (not defective or misdescribed), but still felt regret just because you no longer wanted it? That "what was I thinking" moment...

(b) What's been your worst purchase experience, and what all went wrong? I am sure we all have had things go horribly wrong either with the seller or with the shipping service, or the payment service, or all three (Jlong I'm looking at you). For these answers, please let's keep it anonymous for the individual(s) responsible for your anguish here in public.
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Fellowship: Question #7 - what would you like to see printed?

Nov 12 - By Urulöké

Hello again,

Imagine you were given a blank slate, budget, and could get approval from the Estate (or other rights holders): What would you like to see published from HarperCollins?

It could be a deluxe or limited edition of one of Tolkien's works done to your tastes, or an obscure text or collection of texts that is long out of print, or... My only limitation is that it can't be speculative content e.g. "the long lost but complete sequel to Lord of the Rings".
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Pauline Baynes original art (not Tolkien related) for sale at Blackwells

Nov 12 - By Urulöké

Ran across this listing today, and I know some of you here are Baynes collectors too:

[Original drawing:] 'Unicorn', for 'The Most Wonderful Animals that Never Were' by Joseph Wood Krutch.

Description: black ink with some heightening in white, some pencil marks visible, 16 x 10.5 cm approx (image size, framed size 44 x 34.5 cm) mounted and framed in English oak under museum glass using high-grade acid-free materials, very good condition

Publication Details: circa 1969

Notes: Signed by the artist in pencil and with her note as to the book and section for which it was intended.

Price: £2,000
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