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Fellowship: Question #7 - what would you like to see printed?

Nov 12 - By Urulöké

Hello again,

Imagine you were given a blank slate, budget, and could get approval from the Estate (or other rights holders): What would you like to see published from HarperCollins?

It could be a deluxe or limited edition of one of Tolkien's works done to your tastes, or an obscure text or collection of texts that is long out of print, or... My only limitation is that it can't be speculative content e.g. "the long lost but complete sequel to Lord of the Rings".
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Pauline Baynes original art (not Tolkien related) for sale at Blackwells

Nov 12 - By Urulöké

Ran across this listing today, and I know some of you here are Baynes collectors too:

[Original drawing:] 'Unicorn', for 'The Most Wonderful Animals that Never Were' by Joseph Wood Krutch.

Description: black ink with some heightening in white, some pencil marks visible, 16 x 10.5 cm approx (image size, framed size 44 x 34.5 cm) mounted and framed in English oak under museum glass using high-grade acid-free materials, very good condition

Publication Details: circa 1969

Notes: Signed by the artist in pencil and with her note as to the book and section for which it was intended.

Price: £2,000
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Fellowship: Question #6 - artists!

Nov 11 - By Urulöké

What artist would you like to see illustrate a Tolkien book, that hasn't yet had such an opportunity from the publishers?

If possible, provide link to the artist's website or other online presence, thanks!

Having illustrated or provide cover art for a book about Tolkien does not disqualify the artist, for this particular discussion. And there will be a question later about favorite foreign edition cover art, save those up!
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Fellowship: Question #5 - biggest score

Nov 10 - By Urulöké

(with thanks to Jlong for this topic)

Continuing our spirited discussions for the month...

What is a particularly good story around a savvy purchase you made?

I am not particularly looking for "my friend gave a me a great deal on something I was looking for" or an Amazon pricing mistake on a new release - more interested in that charity shop find, or a dealer not knowing what they had...
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Fellowship: Question #4 - changing tastes

Nov 9 - By Urulöké

What is an area of Tolkien collecting that you focused on for a significant period, but have since moved on from? Either selling off a part of your collection, or pausing new purchases in that area, or moving things to the "back shelf" or "in a box somewhere", for example.
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