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Other Hands

  • International Journal of Middle-earth Gaming
  • Chris Seeman, ed.
  • Novato, CA
  • 1993-2001
  • Print runs not known, but probably around 100 copies each max
  • Other Hands website
  • Jan 1995-Jan 2000: Nos 8-9, 14-17, 19-28 in The Tolkien Society archive

Started and run by Chris Seeman, who was a former assistant editor for Iron Crown Enterprises. Chris has written multple published MERP modules, and issues of Other Hands contain lots of new and useful information (including full modules not published elsewhere). Double issues tend to contain full playable modules or other significant information. The Other Hands website has online copies of a lot of articles and editorials, without images or maps. In December of 2001 Tolkien Enterprises sent a cease and desist letter to Chris, and the publication was shut down due to copyright infringement issues. The following contents listings are taken from Chris' archive website with permission.

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