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Tyalië Tyelelliéva #14

  • Published March 29, 2000
  • 56 pages
  • Contents

  • Editorial, Celestial Events
  • Shadow Falls on Munich by Helge Fauskanger, (report on a solar eclipse)
  • Poetry Prize Winners Announcement, Conference Reports, LotR Movie News
  • Goblin Graffiti by Dr. Rhona Beare, (report on the sources of Tolkien's goblin alphabet)
  • Aerlinn Tella nDagor by Alessio, (a Quenya poem)
  • Nuru Artafindo by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
  • Cyerme Nienna Tarinna by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
  • Rantar by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
  • Oma Vaiyeva (Macalaure) by Arandil Elenion, (a Quenya poem)
  • Tennath i Dur-Gyrf by Galadorn Elvellon (aka Richard Derdzinski), (the Ring Poem in Sindarin in tengwar, with commentary)
  • A Adarem by Galadorn Elvellon (aka Ryszard Derdzinski), (the Lord's Prayer in Sindarin in tengwar, with commentary)
  • Adanion ah Elleth by Philip Jonsson, artwork
  • Merin Sentence provided by Michael Dawson, analysis by Lisa Star
  • Agricultural Methods in Hobbiton by Lisa Star, (technical study)
  • Dan Smith's Cirth Fonts reviewed by Derek Ferguson
  • Qenya Lexicon review by Helge Fauskanger
  • "She" and the Ruins of Kor, by Lisa Star, (article about Haggard's influence on Tolkien)
  • Por Los Hispanohablantes por Josu Gomez, Spanish publications
  • Other Reviews and Reports (calligraphy, stamps and games)
  • Bas de l'Afrique Homework, practice with Quenya sentences and interrogatives (text by Lisa Star)
  • This issue was published with an insert sheet of color pictures.
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