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Tolkien 2 page signed letter at R.R. Auction

| Filed under: Collecting NewsUrulöké | November 22, 2009 @ 12:15 pm (Views: 1203)

Test description
R. R Auctions has another signed J. R. R. Tolkien letter up for auction, ending in early December. The two page typed letter is signed "J. R. R. Tolkien" on the first page, and then the second page (postscript) is signed " J. R. R. T." Here is the full description and link for the auction:

R. R. Auction - Tolkien signed letter

British author and scholar (1892–1973) whose Lord of the Rings trilogy became one of the towering classics of fantasy literature and inspired a series of wildly popular films. TLS, two pages, 8 x 10, personal letterhead, August 2, 1946. Tolkien writes to Mr. Mroczkowski. In part: “I am glad to hear from you again. I heard from Mr. C. S. Lewis that he was going to see you, but I have not heard anymore. I have been immersed in a most tiresome and difficult affair, not by any means yet concluded, which has engaged my whole attention; so I must, I fear, confess that I have done nothing further for you beyond speaking to Lewis on your behalf. Also I was not clear that it was my part to do anything, except to support any move made by the British Council to get you accepted by some ‘society’ here....It would be useful, if you would remind me of your proposed studies and research. In the meanwhile, I do not feel at all certain that Notre Dame might not prove a better place than present-day Oxford. it is not easy to advise you; but I should feel inclined to close with any offer from that direction, unless the British Council have something definite to offer here.”

Tolkien also adds a lengthy postscript, signed “J. R. R. T.,” in which he advises the recipient “to take an offer elsewhere...I think it would at this day be impossible for the British Council to place you for the coming year. The Censor told me that you had no vacancy and you take no more men; and he is far more easy to deal with than the colleges (which are already hopelessly overcrowded).” In fine condition, with intersecting folds, affecting one initial in letter’s signature.

Lewis and Tolkien were close friends, with the Hobbit creator having helped convert Lewis to Christianity, and Lewis having encouraged Tolkien to expand his fictional writing. Both taught at Oxford, where Tolkien was Merton Professor of English Language and Literature when he sent this correspondence, and created characters who supported basic Christian principles. An amazing piece of literary history referencing a famed contemporary author. For his part, the letter’s recipient, Professor Przemyslaw Mroczkowski certainly ran in some interesting circles, having had contact with both Tolkien and Lewis. The three men forged quite a bond, as the trio kept in contact for some twenty years after this correspondence. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RRAuction COA.

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