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Orcrist #2

Editors: Richard C. West and James B. Robinson
Art Editor: Ivor A. Rogers

The 1st printing had a cover with a drawing of a sword (Orcrist) by Ivor Rogers. The 2nd printing had cover illustrations by Laura Haglund: the front cover showed a two-headed dragon; the back cover showed a Gollum-like creature.

  • "Introduction" (editorial) pp. i-iv
  • "Paean to Editors" (verse: double dactyl) -- Deborah Webster (p. 1)
  • "Errata to Orcrist 1" (pp. 2-3)
  • "The Tolkinians: Some Introductory Reflections on Alan Garner, Carol Kendall, and Lloyd Alexander" -- Richard C. West (pp. 4-15)
  • "Constitution of the University of Wisconsin Tolkien Society" -- The Members (pp. 16-17)
  • "Good Guys, Bad Guys: A Clarification on Tolkien" -- Deborah C. Webster, Jr. (pp. 18-23)
  • "The Tolkien Society Meeting: a no-act play" -- Paulette Carroll (pp. 24-27)
  • "Grendel, Gollum, and the Un-Man: The Death of the Monster as an Archetype" -- Karen Corlett Winter (pp. 28-37)
  • "Sing Along With Tolkien" -- Deborah Webster, Jr. (pp. 38-39) [musical settings for "The Dwarves' Treasure Song" and "The Wind" , both from The Hobbit]
  • "An Annotated Bibliography of Tolkien Criticism, Supplement One" -- Richard West (pp. 40-54)

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