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Jeremy Edmonds

California, USA

May 27, 2006

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Too many hobbies over the years, collecting books (not just Tolkien) has always been one, along with collecting pinball machines and arcade games - talk about taking up space! I collect books of all sorts concerning Tolkien, with a large part of my collection going to academic works of his. I also have a collection of posters I am struggling to find a way to display - I really like the Bodleian poster with Tolkien's "Bilbo Comes to the Hut of the Raft Elves". I am building a library of fanzines from the early days of Tolkien fandom. I also have a smattering of toys and other ephemera. When I was a young teenager, my parents would take me to the library to borrow books to read, but I always insisted on saving up and buying the books at a bookstore. They never understood why. They left me in the USA for six months to finish school when they moved to the Netherlands, and when I came out I had a foot locker full of books instead of luggage with clothes. That really exceeded the weight limit for a suitcase.... To me, collecting is a way to meet other people who love Tolkien, language, art, fantasy, games, toys, etc. I love having a full inbox in the morning, knowing that I might learn something new (or help someone else out).

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